Your Recovery is as Unique as You Are

unique addiction recoveryAddiction recovery is a challenge even for the highest functioning individuals. No one has an easy time with it as it is a process of intense personal growth. This is why you should let your addiction recovery be a reflection of who you are, so that it is as compatible with your personality as possible. No two people’s recovery looks identical because your recovery is meant to be unique, like you.

Your recovery should have variety, meaning it should include multiple methods. Parts of your recovery will be methodical and pre-structured, such as the┬átreatment plan you work on with the help of mental health professionals, but a person’s recovery has many parts to it other than their treatment plan, such as interaction with your support system, recreational activities and vocational activities. These facets of your recovery should be guided by your passions, your hobbies, your interests and your healthy relationship needs.

A person’s recovery should be tailored to their needs. It is common sense that a person’s interests and passions are already a product of who they are as a person, but something like a standard addiction treatment program may not relate to who someone is as a person. The average addiction treatment program is created to suit the needs of many people rather than one individual. This is why it is important to select an addiction treatment program that is compatible with your needs, and to choose a good quality program that works it’s material around each of its clients.

The purpose of this is to ensure that the material you encounter in treatment is relevant to your needs and speaks to you on a personal level. If a person’s primary mental health issue is anger problems, and they are treated with a program for grief and loss, they will not benefit from it. Similarly, if a person does their best thinking while they are outdoors, but they check into a treatment facility that barely lets them outside, they could miss out on a great deal of cognitive re-evaluation. It is very important that every person’s recovery and addiction treatment are individualized for them.