Creativity as a Vehicle of Recovery

creative recoveryThere are many forms of addiction treatment available to addicts, including rehab, halfway houses, support groups, self help, counseling and the likes. These forms of treatment are what comes to mind when we hear the word “addiction recovery.” The truth is, the scope of recovery extends far past forms of addiction treatment. It is tied to every part of your lifestyle choices. Recovery from addiction can come from anything that brings you healthy kinds of joy, strengthens your character or helps you separate from your addictive tendencies. These may include:

  • A personal passion. The motivation to answer a calling that makes use of a person’s talents can strike intentionally or randomly. The drive and the focus that come with answering a calling can assist addiction recovery greatly. Following a passion creates a natural, healthy high within a person that can work to defeat their addiction.
  • Recreational activities. Things that we do for pure enjoyment can be very calming, rewarding and therapeutic to us. Simple activities that are easy on the mind, such as hiking, jogging, gardening or reading, are a way of caring for ourselves and easing our minds. Everyone, including recovering addicts, needs these outlets to stay balanced.
  • A sense of purpose. Feeling purposeful is very positive for mental health and can work to defeat addiction and enhance recovery. One may derive a sense of purpose from many places; their job, their personal relationships, their vocations or their charitable acts.
  • Service to others. Being selfless and serving others is a strong nod toward addiction recovery because it builds character, lifts morale, gives a person a sense of purpose and helps people understand that they are a small part of a big world.
  • Hard work. Putting hard work forward is an age old method of building character. This method is tried and true in armies and boot camps the world over. One does not need to endure boot camp to help their recovery, but revisiting the value of hard work can aid addiction recovery in a number of ways.
  • Fulfilling relationships. Simply pulling your healthy relationships close to you can make you feel supported, loved and part of a community, which are all good things to help beat an addiction.