Creative Addiction and Disorder Solutions

creative addiction solutionAddictions and mental disorders are serious conditions that require treatment and personal effort in order to defeat. There are a number of treatment options available to addicts and mentally ill people who need help with their addiction recovery. However, this does not mean that people should only think inside the box when it comes to addiction recovery. There are a number of recovery methods that extend past formal treatment options. Severe or chronic addictions and disorders should always receive professional treatment, but treatment can be supplemented with a number of creative therapies that boost mental health as well as rid a person of their need for their addiction. Some of the more popular therapies may include:

  • Music therapy. Creating, playing or simply listening to music can serve as a valuable form of addiction therapy for those who are musically inclined. Music has a number of healing qualities to it, including calming effects, brain exercise and a creative outlet. This helps combat addiction by generating good mental health and using many parts of the brain.
  • Art therapy. One popular form of therapy used by rehabs and counselors is art therapy. Art creation is a well established remedy for addiction and mental illness. It enables the artist to express themselves freely and have total creative control over their art concept. It has been found to be a very effective tool in addiction recovery and is offered as an outlet in a majority of addiction treatment centers.
  • Nature therapy. The outdoors are universally a way of healing mental problems. Nature was humanity’s original home, and its elements do us a great deal of good to take in. Exploring nature gives much needed exercise, aromatherapy, visual stimulation, fresh air and a feeling of calm.
  • Pet therapy. The presence of friendly animals should not be underestimated to treatment of addictions and disorders. Tame animals have very positive effects on people’s mental health. Owning a pet is recommended for those who struggle with an addiction or disorder because it lowers blood pressure, helps a person stay physically active and teaches them responsibility and relationship skills.