Art Therapy, Earth Therapy and More

addiction therapyAddiction recovery is largely about counseling, support groups, cognitive exercises and other established treatment methods, but it is also about individualized forms of therapy. Like every other endeavor, addiction recovery is partly about work and partly about therapeutics. Working hard at your recovery by adjusting your thought and behavior patterns is essential, but giving your mental faculties a rest and allowing them to do something calming, healthy and enjoyable is very important to your recovery. Many addicts have long held a habit of unwinding by escaping into their addiction, which is why it is crucial to find new, healthy therapeutic activities to engage in. Several ideas are as follow:

  • Art. Creating art has long been a favorite therapeutic activity of addiction treatment centers for how many mental health benefits it possesses. Art creation at any level helps people connect with their inner child, express themselves and have a healthy amount of control over a project.
  • Earth. Getting outside to hike, jog, garden or do any number of athletic or recreational activities is very good for people’s mental health. It connects them with nature, exposes them to therapeutic natural elements and centers them.
  • Music. Music therapy is universal and highly beneficial. Scientists have found that there is no activity in existence that uses more parts of the brain than playing music. The benefits of music extend to listening to, performing or writing music as well. All recovering addicts should make use of music in their recovery.
  • Pets. Animal therapy is an amazing recovery tool for struggling addicts. Having an animal around as a pet or a companion is very beneficial to a person’s mental health. It teaches them to be responsible, respectful and put themselves second to another’s needs. It rewards them with love, companionship, loyalty and a range of other benefits.
  • Other therapies. Basically anything enjoyable that is also mentally healthy can be used in recovery. Productive hobbies are an excellent way of recovering from addiction and promoting strong mental health.